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We all know in different fields, industrial workwear is essential. It protects you from fire, dust, smells, light and heat. If you are working in the chemical industry, you should cover your nose and mouth and wear gloves so that no chemicals can harm your skin. Workwear is essential in different fields. If you are looking for reliable industrial clothing Sydney, you are at the right place; Industrial and Trade offer workwear services at affordable prices that suit everyone’s pocket.

We have a vast range of standard products with thousand of combination options like thickness, size, colour, finishing options, and many more. We work according to customer choice and need.  You can talk to our professional team, and they will help you turn your vision into reality with their high-quality services. We can likewise assist you with building up or work on your online presence, assisting with expanding your deals or expected leads while connecting with your customers on another website.

We never compromise on our quality; it is the primary key to our success. Your business is what matters most, and that’s why customers satisfaction is so important to us. Our clothing collection includes;

    • Fleece and hoodies
    • HI-VI shirts
    • HI-VI vest
    • Jackets
    • Pants
    • Shorts

    Our services are no limited; we have a wide range of clothing options. You can choose according to your need and requirement. Our expert team will assist you and help you to convert your vision into reality.

    In the industry, workwear is an essential key tool for protecting your staff. To protect your workers from burns or cuts is your responsibility.

    Following are some benefits of using workwear

    industrial-clothing-sydneyChemical Spills

    Workwear can be supply to protect your nose, eyes and mouth from chemical spills. That’s why we use high-quality fabric that can bear all chemical spills easily and protect you from chemical damage.

    Sparks and flame

    When it comes to the welding industry, workwear Is essential. It protects you from sparks and flame, and it can be fire-resistant.

    Cuts and abrasions

    Workwear can protect you from cuts and sharp moving objects. We offer industrial workwear that is made from different high-quality materials and with different thicknesses. Available in all sizes.

    Apart from security reasons,  industrial workwear promotes professionalism within the company. Uniform creates a very strong image and give a positive impression. Customers and clients are typically more agreeable to execute with companies that have this sort of picture.


    For this purpose, the workwear also advertises workplace names and logos. On the off chance that conceivable, contact subtleties of the company ought to likewise be printed or weaved on the workwear. This method is a simple, fast way to promote the company and its administrations to curious passers-by.

    Why choose us

    We are working on this niche for years; our professional designers can understand the need and requirements of clients. We work hard to provide you with high-quality services.
    We offer seven types of production services such as

    • Ten days lanyard service
    • Seven days standard services
    • Three days standard service
    • Three-day rush service
    • Five and ten days factory-direct service
    • 400 products in 24 hours rush service

    The Edge

    Fashion changes day by day, so we make it our business to date and engage with new ideas, styles, and designs. We are your designer, fitter and stylist in one, so we can assist you better with our experience and knowledge.

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    If you are looking for reliable Industrial clothing Sydney, contact us at Tel: 0292810828 or 0400491220. In case of any query, you can send mail via  We love to discuss your ideas and will assist you to your utmost satisfaction.

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