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Whatever the types of job or business people are doing, they all want to keep themselves safe. For employers, it is essential to provide every worker with appropriate equipment for work. Personal protection equipment is especially important when workers are working under harmful circumstances. Despite the fear of harm, be thankful for personal protective equipment that keeps you safe from harmful situations. Various PPE suppliers Sydney are offering such equipment to help your keep your employees safe.

PPE covers a vast area of equipment such as safety helmets, jackets, gloves, shoes, and many others. PPE is an affordable and reliable way to keep your workers safe from accidents and unfavourable conditions. If you are looking for a trusted safety equipment supplier in Sydney at reasonable rates, then do not fret! Industry and Trade is a highly trusted PPE supplier, offering high-quality and top-notch safety products at affordable rates. We provide our customers with a range of equipment from protective eyewear to helmets to shield according to the needs of Australian industries.

Industry and Trade has been working for many years and serving the industry by providing premium products. We are committed and determined based on

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    some particular values that include:

    • High Performance
    • Knowledge
    • Morality and ethics
    • Integrity and devotion

    Top-Notch Supplier of Personal Protective Equipment in Sydney

    Providing our customers with the best materials by using the latest technology is our objective. We cover all the safety equipment requirements regardless of the company or business they are working in.

    Hands Protection Gloves

    Industry and Trade is the leading choice for hand gloves and hand protection products from harm. We manufacture top-quality gloves according to the global safety standard. We make the most reliable and durable hand protection products by providing you with the assurance of reliability and affordability.

    Moreover, the hand protection product we make is suited for a wide range of purposes. Some of the leading applications of hand gloves are chemical handling, welding, construction, glass cutting, hop appliances, and many other. We are committed to putting the needs of customers first and providing them with a comprehensive selection of products.

    Helmet for Head Protection

    When you have to do the work of construction, or you have to travel, you need to protect your head by wearing a helmet. Our services of manufacturing innovative head protections put us at the forefront of safety equipment suppliers across the country. Our helmets minimize the risk of injuries while you are doing the work of construction and driving. We all know that head protection is compulsory while doing the work of construction, road safety, civil engineering, manufacturing, and many other.

    Height Accessories

    We provide you safety harnesses kit, top lanyards, tripods, and self-retracing lanyards while you are working on the height. These safety instruments provide you safety while you are working at height. Our height accessories minimize the risk of any danger in these types of circumstances when you work at height.

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    Why Industry and Trade?

    We pride ourselves on being the largest PPE suppliers Sydney. We never make any compromise on the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. We are committed to iron out all the mysteries regarding your safety. We have been working for many years to serve our customers. It is the quality of work that discriminates us from other suppliers of safety equipment. Moreover, the team of our experts is highly skilled and qualified, and they work to the best of their integrity to assist our customers to save their lives.

    Contact Us

    If you are looking for the finest and reliable safety products in Sydney, come in contact with us by calling on 02 92 810 828.

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