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We all know the importance of uniforms, no matter which Industry, school or business place you own. Introducing a workplace with proper uniform and organised way is an essential thing to maintain your reputation. Choosing a work uniform that is proper and engaging will give a positive impression to your potential clients. If you are looking for a reliable work uniform for your employees, then you are in the right place; Industry and Trade is one of the leading companies offering an extensive wide range of high-quality work uniforms Sydney.

We offer a wide range of uniforms such as

  • Footwear
  • PPE
  • Corporate Wear
  • School Wear
  • Hoodies and Tees
  • Team Wear
  • Health Care Uniform


    We have got you covered with a wide range of options you can choose one according to your needs. Each piece is designed by our highly qualified and professional designers, who is always ready to create a perfect and unique design for you.

    We believe uniforms should be as fashionable and comfortable as your brand, so you need style, high-quality fabric, and products for warm temperatures if you live in Sydney. If your office is across Sydney, then our designers will help you design uniforms with elements that will work in different climates.

    Our team is passionate to help companies; we can elevate your brand at a high level with our unique designs and high-quality services. If you are a fresher and don’t know much about designs and logos, we can help you work on your ideas and turn your vision into a reality. Moreover, for us, there are four elements of success.

    • Customisation
    • Working Hand In Hand
    • High-quality service
    • Cutting Edge


    We have an extensive range of work uniform products like tees, singlets, outerwear, work uniform etc. There are more than thousands of items available in every colour and size. Moreover, If you want to customise according to your ideas, we will help you, and our experienced designers can guide you according to their knowledge and experience. We offer high-quality stuff at affordable prices.

    Working Hands In Hands

    We get to know about your work before starting, so we can comprehend your necessities and work with you to track down the best result for your uniform prerequisites. At the point when you work with us, you become part of our clan.

    High-Quality Services

    Industry and Trade always offer high-quality fabric, high-quality manufacturing, quality products etc. We know the importance of good quality, so we never sell products with cheap quality that does not suit our standards.

    The Cutting Edge

    We make it our business to keep up to date and engage in ongoing preparation and improvement to guarantee we are at the front line of marking, business and design so your uniform will be just about as forward-looking as could be expected.

     Our Production Service

    We offer a 15-day  production Services

    • Ten days lanyard service
    • Seven days standard services
    • Three days standard service
    • Three-day rush service
    • Five and 1o days factory-direct service
    • Twenty-four hours rush service on over 400 products

    All production schedules are based on working days. Production time for all services starts after all approvals, including the receipt of a complete and accurate purchase order, print-ready artwork, credit approval, paper proof approval, pre-production sample, or anything holding up production. Credit terms should be arranged before sending a purchase order. Orders must be approved by 10 am Eastern Standard Time to be counted as a production day.

    Give Us A-line

    If you are looking for a reliable Work Uniforms Sydney contact us at 0292810828 if you want urgent services to call us at 0400491220 for more information you can send mail via

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