High-Quality Workwear Clothing Sydney At An Affordable Price

No doubt, workwear has numerous advantages as it gives to the workers and employees. It shows the workers are associated with the company or person they are working for. People can quickly identify you with your workwear. It improves the image and reputation of the company and its workers. People who work with highly placed companies worldwide are always proud to identify their particular work wears. However, likes unique things that are the reason people select unique and different workwear for their employees. So if you are looking for high-quality and special workwear clothing Sydney for your workers, contact us. Industry and Trade is the most reliable company. We offer a wide range available for you.

We have been providing reliable clothing for years; our experts strive to deliver high-quality and durable clothing at affordable prices to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Whatever design and clothing you need, we can offer a wide range of workwear in every colour and size. We can cover all requirements, such as

  • Hospitality uniforms
  • Health care
  • Tees and Hoodies
  • School uniform
  • Health care
  • Personal protection uniform
  • Teamwork and corporate

    Healthcare Uniform

    For your whole team, we have a wide range of healthcare uniforms. Healthcare workwear is available in different colours and sizes.  We have high-quality stock with the latest styles and attractive colours. Suppose you need a stylish, professional dress for men or women; we provide tunics, maternity tunics, and trousers, tops, or scrubs, with the help of our vast collection. In that case, we can clothe your entire team while creating a professional and uniform look.


    We know your employees need to look stylish, different, and professional when it comes to the hospitality business. Industry and Trade can fulfil your dream. We offer unique and elegant hospitality workwear at affordable prices. Moreover, we offer a clothing option so that you can select according to your need.

    Team wear

    We know the importance of sports and team wear clothes. It is essential for teamwork and their spirit. Every team wants a different and stylish uniform. Therefore we offer a wide range of stylish and unique team wear at affordable prices.

    Corporate workwear

    We know how essential to wear stylish work. It is very important to improve your business and boost your branding. We offer a wide range of corporate workwear such as

    • Jackets
    • KniTwears
    • Pants
    • Scrubs
    • Shirts
    • Shorts and skirts

    All these are available in various colours like black, black /cyan, graphite, black/red, blue and bottle colour. You can choose any one of them.

    Workwear Clothes

    Workwear is a walking advertisement for your company. It helps to build brand awareness and company advertisement. We have different options of workwear clothes such as

    • Day-night high visibility vest
    • Fleece and hoodies
    • HI-VIS shirts and vest
    • Jackets
    • Shorts
    • Pants

    Our team is passionate about helping companies; we can elevate your brand at a high level with our unique designs and high-quality services. If you are a fresher and don’t know much about designs and logos, we can help you work on your ideas and turn your vision into a reality.

    Why choose us

    We offer seven types of production services such as

    • Ten days lanyard service
    • Seven days standard services
    • Three days standard service
    • Three-day rush service
    • Five and 1o days factory-direct service
    • 400 products in 24 hours rush service


    All production schedules are based on working days. Production time for all services starts after all approvals, including the receipt of a complete and accurate purchase order, print-ready artwork, credit approval, paper proof approval, pre-production sample, or anything holding up production. Credit terms should be arranged before sending a purchase order. Orders must be approved by 10 am Eastern Standard Time to be counted as a production day.

    Give Us A-line

    If you are looking for reliable Workwear clothing Sydney contacts us at tel:0292810828. If you want urgent services, call us at tel:0400491220. In case of any difficulty, you can send an email at woody@industryandtrade.com.au.